Glamour Skin Glow Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Glamour Skin Glow Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

Glamour Skin Glow Effect

Glamour Skin Glow Effect

The Glamour Skin Glow effect in Photoshop transforms your image to give it a model quality look, fit for some of the hottest magazines on the market today. Follow this step by step guide to achieve the  effect in Photoshop. Use it as a starting point but feel free to add or subtract some of the values in each step to enhance your specific photo. *Note – I used Photoshop CS5

Open up your chosen image in Photoshop. Here I’ve chosen a photo from a session with reality star Laurel Stucky (make up by Aisha Koswara). Copy the original image and change the blending mode to Overlay.

Then go to Filter Menu > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius so the features are still recognizable. My values are set to 10.0 but sometimes you can go as high as 22. *Note – To maintain the integrity of the photo don’t go too high. 

After that add a layer mask to the copied image, set the foreground color to black and with a brush tool (I used size 75 PX & 15% Hardness) erase the Gaussian blur from the hair, eyes, eyebrows, lips and nostrils. In addition erase any visible blur from jewelry or clothing so that only the skin has the gaussian blur effect. *Note – You can also do the opposite and invert the layer mask effect and brush the blur back on the skin if you are familiar with that process.

Finally because the effect is a bit strong, highlight the layer mask then add an adjustment layer > vibrance and lower the value down to a more believable look (I went down -20). If you don’t have vibrance you can use hue and saturation to get a similar look. *Tip – To learn more about vibrance vs. saturation please check out Elizabeth Halford‘s article on the topic.

There are many ways to get the Glamour Skin Glow Effect but the above is a nice guide to get you started. Play around with the valuations as your needs might be different. Once you feel comfortable with what you are doing you will discover variations and short cuts to achieve similar outcomes.

What techniques do you use to accomplish the glamour skin glow effect?


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