Mark Harless Photography: Creative, Risky, and Fun

Isn’t it inspiring to see really cool work from aspiring photographers? Call me what you want but Mark Harless, a conceptual photographer based out of Huntsville Alabama, has some really fun, imaginative and artistic ideas. He is young, he is creative and he is not afraid to take risk. Like what you see? Please PinTweetLike and most importantly enjoy!

Mark Harless Photography: Creative, Risky, and Fun

Mark HarlessMark HarlessMark Harless

When and why did you start photography?

I’ve always considered myself to be a creative person but couldn’t find an outlet that I was good at to properly express myself. I was browsing Flickr one night and stumbled upon Lissy Elle who really blew my mind with the images she was creating. I believe her portfolio, single-handedly, pushed me to buy my first camera in December of 2011.

So you’re saying you’ve been a photographer for less than a year?

Haha, yeah! Once I become obsessed with something it occupies my mind all day. With photography it’s been going on for several months now. I don’t even want to know how many hours (or days) of time I’ve put in researching topics related to photography or Photoshop.

Are you self taught?

Yes, mostly. I’ve taken an intro course to photography but that’s it. Every technique I’ve used in my photos are little things here and there I’ve picked up from online tutorials.

What is conceptual photography?

I consider conceptual photography to be a genre of photography that is creative and thought out. I usually like to produce photos that couldn’t be seen in real life.

What’s your inspiration?

I draw inspiration from anything and everything surrounding me. Something someone does, says, lyrics to a song or a line from a book or movie. That’s where it usually starts for me. I’ll play around with the idea in my head for awhile and really get into exactly what I want a photo to look like. Sometimes, more often than not, the final image is nothing reminiscent of the original thought.

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